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Toronto Mommies is a closely administered group. Kindly read the Rules and Frequently Asked Questions below.

Toronto Mommies or any of the group’s admins are not responsible for the following: opinions & behaviour of other members of the group, second-hand items posted in the group, any advertising claims made in the group, medical/legal/any other advice given by/to a member of this group and all anonymous questions posted by the group’s admins on behalf of others.

Toronto Mommies Admins and Moderators reserve the right to delete without notice and/or further consideration personal attacks/harassment/repeated posting/spam/scam/advertising/non-local members/men and other members who do not follow to group’s mission, rules or policies.

Group Rules: Welcome

Answer ONLY the Questions Asked, offer support to the Author or scroll down. Nothing More.

Toronto Mommies is a support group. Criticism towards the author is not allowed unless asked for specifically in the post. Please offer support, answer the question or move on to another post. Please do not get personal with people or sway topics sideways. Discuss topics, issues not mommies.

No Judgement, Hate Speech or Bullying

Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like grammar, looks, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated.

Only Recommend Businesses Honestly

Failure to let our members know you are recommending a friend you never used yourself, your relative, a business you work for, or your own business may result in your PROFILE being DELETED FROM THE GROUP WITHOUT NOTICE! Be honest, admit you have an interest in the business you are recommending

Certain Topics are Restricted

Admins reserve the right to decline posts/turn-off comments on controversial or unrelated topics such-as: fake news, propaganda, vaccines, circumcision, politics, fat-shaming and other shaming, race, and others. Stay positive and check your sources when posting links or information.

Advertising Policy

All comments that promote a business are ONLY welcome in comments to relevant posts when the author asks for a recommendation. All other posts promoting a business in any way are strictly allowed only on Advertising Days (1st business day of each month, never weekend/holiday) No Spamming. Contact Admin for info on sponsorships. Check please check events for Advertising Days.

Prices and Location in all item sale posts

* You are welcome to sell used and personal items anytime. ** Sale of items that are part of a business is allowed on Advertising Days ONLY!
Please include price and location in ALL SALE & ADVERTISING POST when items are offered. Posts that ask PM FOR PRICE might be DELETED without notice.

Group Rules: List
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