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Toronto Mommies Group Rules

These Rules Apply to all the Groups in Our Community

Toronto Mommies is a women-only group for women who either live in Canada or Planning to immigrate to Canada. We admit only verified personal profiles into the group.

Any member of the group is allowed to post in it anytime. All posts must be approved by admins.

For anonymous que,stions please email

Toronto Mommies is a support group and does not allow judgment, hate speech, name calling, or bullying. We are an inclusive group so please make sure everyone feels safe.

Toronto Mommies allows the use of any language in the group. Kindly use Facebook translator and do not critique anyone's use of language or punctuation.

Advertising days ARE ON THE 1ST BUSINESS DAY of each month. You can find the exact dates in the pinned (featured) posts of the Toronto Mommies Facebook group or by contacting an admin.

Paid advertising is available by contacting Alisa Fulshtinsky at 416-841-0032

Make sure to commend businesses honestly. When recommending someone in the group please disclose if the business belongs to you, a family member, a friend or you work for the business. Try to only recommend businesses you have used yourself or be transparent.

Restricted posts include but are not limited to politics, anything that violates Facebook's Community Standards, fundraising outside of Canada, anything potentially triggering or offensive to our members or admins, fake news, advertising posts, and recommendations outside of advertising day. (For more info on what can be restricted, contact an admin).

You can sell private or use items in the group as long as they are not part of a business and are legal to sell. We do restrict the sale of furs, animals and medications in the group.

We will not approve advertising or sale posts without price and location (some exclusions apply, ask an admin for more info).

Toronto Mommies admins are not responsible for any advice, opinion, or comment rendered in the group by other members. The opinions of other members are not a reflection of the administration of the group and only reflect the opinions of the member commenting.

Medical advice or any other advice or information shared in the group is for informational purposes only and should be used with caution. Please do not take medical advice from anyone except for a qualified medical professional.

For more info please contact us.

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