Natalya Bobylyova, Mortgage Agent

Mortgage Agent (FSCO License No.: M12000603)

Credit Improvement Specialist

Mortgage Alliance  (FSCO No.: 10530)

I am a licensed Mortgage Agent with over 9 years of industry experience. Focused on providing my clients with the best possible options while saving them unnecessary interest. If you need any type of financing, cash or access to credit… from Residential (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and Commercial Mortgages, Construction Loans and Private Money to credit repair options, lines of credit and personal loans, you are in a right place.

Here are some of the areas I specialize in and am considered an expert in my field:

First Time Home Buyer’s: Where do you start? No doubt you have so many questions… My Mortgage Smart Tips and 10 Things to Consider Before you Buy your First Home will answer some of your questions and start you on the path of home ownership.

Self Employed: As someone that is also a business owner, I fully understand the challenges or concerns you might have when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage financing.

Bad Credit: I help Canadians take the right path to credit recovery and rebuilding. Everyone deserves a second chance and the results I attain for my clients thru our Credit Improvement Action Plan Program include saving thousands in unnecessary interest AND owning your own home.

Real Estate Investors: There are many difference nuances that Real Estate Investors come across such as corporate structures with holding companies, management companies etc. (two, three and four tier etc.), exit strategy alignment, Cap Rates and true ROI Analysis, Vendor take backs, credits on closing, self-directed RRSP’s for second mortgages and Rent to Own including finding clients.

I ensure we maximize each lender at the right time with the best options that not only meet your needs but also ensures you continue qualifying for future mortgages.