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Toronto Mommies features a Toronto networking group where women can promote themselves and their businesses

Our Toronto Networking Group meets for women-only events every few months. Within the group we strive to build strong referrals and help mother grow their brands.

The group currently meets at a different business each that offers to host the event. For more information about our group schedule please join Toronto Mommies and Toronto Mommies Networking on Facebook.

We keep out Toronto networking group separate from the main Facebook group. This allows us to keeps the main face group ethical, honest and free of advertising and spam*.

* excluding the first business day of each month.

Our group is open to advertising and cooperation opportunities. Businesses and organizations that are interested to spread the word about what they do can easily contact us to see if they are a good fit. We are a group of women within Toronto that see themselves as trendsetters and buzz creators. Advertising to us has many benefits. Each offer that is offered to the group is pre-selected and moderated. The group’s admins to make sure that the offer is interesting, valuable and exclusive to Toronto Mommies members only.

Please contact us at the below if you are:

  • A mother that would like to join our group or meetings
  • A local business that would like to host a meeting for free (must accommodate at least 40 people)
  • A business that would like to advertise their products and services to our members
  • An organization that would like to inform of a program available to our mothers
  • A non-for-profit organization
  • A government body that would like to reach out to the local community
  • A media that would like to write about us
  • Any person that has any questions about what we do

If you are interested to advertise within Toronto Mommies’ women’s networking group (currently 3,100 active, local, preselected members and growing) you can do so by e-mailing: