Toronto Mommies Group Rules

Toronto Mommies Group Rules:


Toronto Mommies or any of the group’s admins are not responsible to the following: opinions & behaviour of other members of the group, second hand items posted in the group, any advertising claims made in the group, medical/legal/any other advice given by/to a member of this group and all anonymous questions posted by the group’s admins on behalf of others.

Toronto Mommies will delete without notice and/or further consideration personal attacks/harassment/repeated posting/spam/scam/advertising/non-local members/men and other members who do not follow to group’s mission, rules or policies.

1. Who is allowed to join the group?

The Facebook group is a women-only group where all members are verified local mothers or mothers to be. Non-local mothers will be allowed to join by referral or through moderation.

2. Who is not allowed to join the group?

Men, corporate profiles, profiles that are deemed spam, fraudulent or misleading. We also reserve the right not to allow new or partial profiles or profiles where members face is not visible.

3. Who is allowed to post in the group?

All members of the group are allowed to post. New members or members making their first posts have to go through a moderating/approval procedure set by Facebook. Once a member has shown to be in compliance of the rules of the group, she will get automatic posting privileges.

4. What posts are allowed?

Allowed posts are posts that have to do with motherhood, women’s issues, family, local issues and all other relevant posts that do not fall under the restricted category.
You are also welcome to post about the following: babysitting/nanny services you personally provide, second-hand personal items for sale and any information related to a questions asked in a post by another member.

5. What posts are not allowed?

• Political posts including local/international news that might turn political
• Graphic posts of violent nature
• Advertising (with some exceptions)/promotion of other groups/product sales/direct marketing
• Fundraising not approved by the Administration (local fundraising only)
• Anything that is deemed offensive, misleading, a hoax, unrelated or explicit.
• Excessive, repetitive posts
• Posts that are rude or disrespectful to others, hate speech, posts that violate human rights, call for violence, provoke or express negativity against minorities.

6. How do I ask an anonymous question in the group?

To have your anonymous question posted in the group, please email Please note that we reserve 12-72 hours to post the question. When you send us your question, you will receive an email with all the info + a confirmation when and by whom your question was posted.

7. Can I advertise my business in this group?

No commercial/advertising activity is allowed in Toronto Mommies, except for the following:
• Small business advertising on the first business day of every month*
• As a direct answer to a question asked by a group member

8. Do I have to disclose that the business I am recommending is my own?

Yes, you must disclose that the business you are recommending is your own. You must also disclose if it belongs to your husband, family member and if you have any interest in the business.

9. Why do I have to disclose if I have an interest in a business?

When recommending a service provider in this group, it is a rule to disclose if the business or the service provider belong to your family member. Our community wants to stay as open and transparent as possible and free from conflicts of interest. 

10. What businesses are restricted from advertising at all times?

• MLMs (multi-level marketing)
• Big corporate advertising – details could be obtained from admins
• Real Estate Agents*

11. Can I post information about a fundraiser for a cause?

Yes. However, you must contact an Admin for an approval prior to posting. Toronto Mommies supports only verified local causes with emphasis on offering help to members of the group.

12. Can I advertise my garage sale in the group?

Yes, as long as it is a private garage sale of personal items.*

13. Can I sell my baby stuff in the group?

Yes, as long as these items are yours and not in support of your business.

14. What if my post was deleted?

If your post was deleted and you did not receive an explanation from the Admins (look in your ‘message requests’ folder) please do not repost. Should you want to obtain more info, please contact an Admin.

15. What if my comment was deleted?

We reserve the right to delete comments that are deemed in violation of the group rules or that are made to escalate the situation and create a conflict. If your comment was deleted and you did not receive an explanation from the Admins (look in your ‘other’ folder) please do not repost. Should you want to obtain more info, please contact the Admins.

16. How do you handle conflicts?

Toronto Mommies prides itself in being a tightly administered group that is set to provide a supportive conflict-free environment for mothers. However, some conflict seems to be inevitable. Should we see that a situation is escalating to the point of rudeness, using foul language, bullying, targeting, provoking etc., the offending comments will be deleted and the author will be issued a warning.

17. How do you decide whom to delete from the group?

Aside from spammers, we pride ourselves in rarely deleting anyone from the group. We issue at least 3 warnings to a person before considering them for deletion. If the warning did not work, we either give additional chances (if it is an existing group member that is usually in compliance) or decide to delete. The decision to delete is made by a vote of the Admins, and a majority vote must be reached for a member to be deleted.

18. I was deleted from the group. What should I do to be added back?

If you were deleted and you did not receive an explanation from the Admins (look in your ‘other’ folder) please do not ask to join again as your request most likely will not be granted. Should you want to obtain more information, please contact the Admins to have them reconsider adding you to the group.

19. Can I post in Russian?

We encourage English posting in order for all mothers to participate, however, Russian posting is allowed.

20. Are vaccine and abortion topics allowed in Toronto Mommies?

Yes. However, there is an ongoing debate about banning the vaccination topic. If you chose to participate in such a debate, try to stay factual and friendly.

21. Can I ask for a medical advice in the group?

Yes, you may. Please remember that Toronto Mommies and their members are not responsible for any advice rendered. We are not doctors and your best bet is to consult a viable medical practitioner.

Thank you for being a part of the group and please free to contact us should any questions arise.

22. Can I show my work in the group without mentioning I am a hairdress/nail technician/etc?

No. Displaying your professional work is also considered advertising.

23. Can I promote another group in Toronto Mommies?

No. Unless and admin gave it a special consideration and allowed it.


1. Who can attend Toronto Mommies’ (mom’s night out) Meet-ups?

Any member of the Toronto Mommies Facebook group (newbie or veteran) can attend.

 2. Can I bring a friend that is not in the group?

Yes, as long as she is a woman and a mother, preferably you also add her to the group.

 3. What if I am a newbie?

 Newbies are always welcome and never left feeling lonely, please join us!

 4. Will there be nametags?

Sometimes we remember to bring them, sometimes we do not. Feel free to bring your own (and grab some for others)

 5. Can I give out my promotional material during the meet-up?

You may do so under some circumstances and there is a fee.

6. How many people usually attend your meet-ups?

We have a growing number of attending mothers; however, on average 50-250 mommies from Toronto attend our meet-ups.


1. Who can attend Toronto Mommies’ Professional networking meetings?

 Any member of the Toronto Mommies Facebook group (newbie or veteran) can attend.

2. Can I bring a friend that is not in the group?

 Yes, as long as she is a woman and/or a mother, preferably you also add her to the group.

 3. Can I give out info about other businesses during the meeting?

 Yes, as long as they are local and follow the guidelines.

 4. Are Toronto Mommies Professional Networking Meetings free?

No. There is usually a $10-15 charge, please bring cash.

5. What types of businesses are restricted?

• MLMs (multi-level marketing)

• Real Estate Agents*

6. Can I request exclusivity for my business type, so that my competitors do not attend?

No. Our Toronto Mommies Professional Networking Meetings are open to all unless otherwise stated.


1. Can I offer freebies to members of the group in return for promotion?

Yes, please contact the admins here for more info.


* Some restrictions apply as per Admin’s consideration