One of Toronto’s Biggest Group for women socializing, networking and online support geared towards mothers from our local communities.

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Toronto Mommies is a group of real women-mothers from the Greater Toronto Area that participates in an online Facebook forum on a daily basis, exchanging experiences, advice and opinions about everything related to being a mother and being a woman in today’s busy world.

Our group is a safe place for a woman to join and feel connected to a community that supports, advises and shares not only useful information but also the much needed human connection. We strive to not only create a community that assists each other in our daily quest to be the best mothers but also socialize, change our community for the better and raise our children together.

Toronto Mommies started as a Facebook group of women from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who came together to discuss motherhood. It was first launched in July 2012 but started to be active around March 2013. The group had a fast growing active audience with hundreds of mothers joining in no time. As of August the group had almost 16,100 active, pre-selected, local members with at least 50% of them posting and commenting more than once a month and over a quarter being active daily!

The main focus of Toronto Mommies was to create an avenue of support and information for mothers from the Greater Toronto Area. Rapidly the group grew to include information about the member’s professional interests and endeavours and therefore a separate group was created called Toronto Mommies – Networking where entrepreneurial women can discuss all things business within a ‘women only’ community.

The group has many events both for mommies, business women and local sponsors. To be informed about our upcoming events, please SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER

In June of 2014 the groups launched it’s own print magazine in the Russian language, Mamochka Magazine that serves the large Russian speaking community in the GTA.

Both groups adhere to group rules rules and code of ethics and administered several times a day to ensure quality content and respectful communication among group members.

Moms came into this group for information and stay for the friendships, professional connections and support. Making a tighter community, instilling values and sense of purpose is only a part of what this group of fabulous women are about!

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Toronto Mommies is where we CONNECT, GET SUPPORT, MEET & HELP OTHERS.