Toronto Mommies ‘Kavkaz’ Meetup Photos

The Toronto Mommies Facebook group gather again for their tradition of a Mom’s Night Out where out group mommies are invited to some wine and dine in the company of other fabulous mothers.

The event started at 7pm and lasted all the way until 12pm with most mommies leaving around 11pm. Time does pass when you are having fun! The food was good, the conversation was fantastic and one of the greatest things is that we had the venue all to ourselves.

30 mommies attended this meet-up and the surprising part (to the admins) was that most mommies were mommies attending this mommy night-out event for the first time. It seems like everybody were having fun!


kavkaz105 kavkaz107kavkaz109   kavkaz112 kavkaz113 kavkaz114 kavkaz115 kavkaz117  kavkaz119 kavkaz121 kavkaz122 kavkaz123 kavkaz124 kavkaz125 kavkaz126 kavkaz127 kavkaz128 kavkaz129  kavkaz131  kavkaz133 kavkaz134 kavkaz135 kavkaz137 kavkaz139

What can go wrong when you throw 30 moms into a room with wine and great conversations? We are so happy that this event was again, is always, a success. We even go to do a group photo at the end (2 mommies hiding behind the camera):

kavkaz145   kavkaz154

The Admins of Toronto Mommies group would like to thank every mommy who’ve attended this mommy’s night out for making this a great evening. It was wonderful to see all of you mommies. Those who couldn’t make it were definitely missed, however, it won’t be long until we host another great night out for moms!

For for information please stay tuned. All events are usually posted and at out Toronto Mommies Facebook GroupFacebook Page and on our blog!

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