Simple Falafel Recipe

A Fellow Mommy shared with us her simple to make falafel recipe

All We need is simple ingredients to make this falafel at home without the use of canned chickpeas, preservatives or other unknown ingredients. This simple falafel recipe shows us a method of making falafel that brings middle eastern flavour to your kitchen in a few easy to follow steps:

Easy Falafel Recipe


simple falafel recipe:


1.5 cups soaked chickpeas overnight
flat leaf parsley
half a small onion
1 tbsp of flour
ground corriander, 1 tsp
salt to taste, about 1.2 tsp
cumin, 1 tsp
2 pieces of garlic


1. Pour everything in a small chopper and grind until smooth, but still got small pieces left.

2. Make small balls with the help of a table spoon and fry them on medium heat, both sides.
If the consistency is too fry, you may add some water from the chickpeas

Cabbage salad is very simple to make: use chopped cabbage, salt, lemon juice, grated carrot.

Stuffing the pita: warm pita up for 10-15 seconds, for it to open up. On the sides, you can use hummus and tahina, harissa to taste.

I usually put two falafels in a pita, then lots of cabbage, then again the falafel balls.

This is how I am used to eating falafels, you may come up with your own toppings.

Variations can be made for the falafel balls as well. You can use whatever you fancy.


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