Momterview: Maria Fondler-Grossbaum

mehreban semenova

AKA Mehriban Semenova, this artistic lady is no stranger to attention. Having been a member of our group for a while, she’s stirred up more than her share of topics and even won the title “Provocative Mom of the Year 2014”.

Today we want to know more about the person behind the lively discussions, existential posts and vibrant art so we’ve asked her to volunteer for our first #momterview and answer some revealing questions.

 Q: Are you an introvert or an extravert?

A: 70% introvert, 30% extra

Q: What makes you laugh?

A: When people take themselves too seriously, Three Men in a Boat

Q: Music that touches you:

A: Ethnic, electronic, jazz, classical, fusion

Q: Favourite colour(s)?

A: Blue, purple, red, orange, green

Q: How do you know when you are in love?

A: No appetite, cigarette smoking, crazy ideas

Q: First time your heart was broken:

A: Age 15

Q: Flaws you dislike in others:

A: Cowardice, aggressiveness, insincerity, depressiveness

Q: Qualities you love in others:

A: Openness, courage, sincerity, positive thinking

Q: Do you believe in god?

A: I do not know.

Q: Describe an a-ha moment

A: When I feel an energy burst, bursts of loving moments for myself and existence overall.

Q: What makes you truly happy?

A: Self-actualization


Q: Are you an optimist?

A: Yes!

Q: What do you like to read:

A: Esoteric literature that shows me reality from different angles

Q: What do you do when really upset?

A: Go to sleep

Q: Are you a morning person?

A: Yes.

Q: What do you fear the most?

A: The moment when I won’t have any more desires

Q: What food would you eat every day?

A: Avocado

Q: What makes you frustrated?

A: When my efforts prove ineffective

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: In Urals

Q: Who do you admire?

Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin, Carlos Castaneda, Stephen Hawking, Boris Grebenshchikov and many more

Q: What quality you want to change in yourself?

A: Procrastination

Q: What books inspire you?

A: Books by C. Castaneda, Hawking, Dawkins, Victor Pelevin

Q: What kind of parent are you?

A: Non-systematical, non-confirmist, crazy

Q: What do you do when you are tired?

A: GO to sleep

Q: What is your wildest dream?

A: To open my own art school

Q: What would you do if you did not have to work?

A: Teach art, travel, open my own recording studio, my own gallery and a space exploration company.

Q: If you could give people one advice, what would that be?

Do only whatever you want, no matter what. Even if people do not approve and nobody understands you.


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