Toronto Mommies – for Press Release (may 14th, 2014) Toronto Mommies Press Release

Toronto Mommies is a Facebook community of GTA moms, which was started in 2013 by a local mom and entrepreneur, Ms. Alisa Fulshtinsky. A simple Facebook page with mom-to-mom information at first, Toronto Mommies now boasts to have over 2,700  (Jan 2015) active members – and new members are making this online resource a part of their lives on a daily basis!

“We are an inclusive online community”, says Ms. Fulshtinsky, the mastermind and the driving force of Toronto Mommies. “Motherhood, and parenthood in general, is what brings us all together, unites us and drives us forward. This group is a true reflection of modern Canadian society and modern Canadian parents – we share our world with each other, and hope to give the best to our children.” Many of the group members are newcomers from various parts of the world, who are seeking valuable advice and opinions of other parents before making an informed decision. Ms. Fulshtinsky, as a group moderator and an entrepreneur, also highlights the great networking potential of Toronto Mommies. “Our group grants its members once-a-month opportunity to promote their business ventures and ideas. This way, we learn more about each other and choose local goods and service providers, thus contributing to the local economy and supporting local businesses.”

The group also hosts meetings and get-togethers for its members, coordinates events and activities, and supports local charities. “Tragic death of Eva Ravikovich, a toddler who passed away at an unlicensed home daycare, became a charitable cause, which truly brought this online community together”, says Ms. Fulshtinsky. Toronto Mommies organized a charitable fund in memory of Eva Ravikovich, and supported the family every step of the way.

According to Ms. Fulshtinsky, “Modern-day moms are important players in today’s economy, since they are always on a quest for the best for their children. Mothers, and parents in general, are also a driving force behind many social changes.   Toronto Mommies is a perfect illustration to how powerful and critical the role of motherhood and parenthood really is. It is something we all take very seriously, and commit to 24/7.”

Toronto Mommies always looks forward to expanding and adding more members to its online community. For additional information, please contact Ms. Fulshtinsky at and visit Toronto Mommies Facebook Page at