Benefits of a Home Daycare vs Large Daycare Centre

Good quality in-home daycare provides great benefits for sensitive children, for some children with special needs as well as for new immigrants. It is a great stepping stone to a larger daycare environment.

benefits of a home daycare

  • “Good quality home daycare is a stepping stone to a larger environment”

Home Daycares usual offer smaller groups and more individual attention vs large daycare centres. Although rules vary by province, he are some of the benefits of a home daycare to consider when making the choice between and home daycare and a childcare centre:

The following are benefits of a home daycare that are worth to consider when selection a daycare for your child:

  • Transitioning to a daycare environment is a stressful event in child’s and parents’ lives. Children get “bombarded” with the need to share, wait, follow routines, tolerate noise and stay away from home for the entire day. These are significant stressors for many kids which often contributes to anxiety, sleep disturbance, behavioral issues
  • At the home daycare kids learn to feel comfortable outside home (but in a homelike environment), develop trust in small number of children and one teacher. Once they master these skills in the smaller setting, the transition to a larger setting is less stressful for them.
  1. Good quality home daycare provides lower stress environment (home like setting and less children)  which benefits sensitive kids and some children with special needsChildren with special needs often benefit from smaller group setting and it is what home daycare provides
  2. It provides calmer environment for the sensitive kids
  3. Often offers more 1:1 attention
  4. Good quality in-home daycares have great value for children of new immigrants.

“Home daycare environment allows children to develop and maintain their first language”

  • Provide opportunity to celebrate their cultural holidays and being exposed to their cultural food
  • ESL children who start their daycare experience from a large daycare, often face two challenges: adapting to classroom environment while not speaking/understanding English. Home daycare builds the foundation which helps children to feel more comfortable in a classroom setting. Consequently, transition to the larger setting is less stressful for them and it allows them to focus more on their English skills.

Written by: Victoria Prooday

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