Excellent Cakes – Natural/Organic Cakes

Welcome to Excellent Cakes! If you are looking for excellent cakes, pastries, or cupcakes, then you are in the right place! All of our cakes, pastries and cupcakes are created totally from scratch with only the finest, highest quality, and freshest natural ingredients; ingredients worthy of our prized clientele.

We care for our customers above all else, creating cakes, cupcakes and beyond without using artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners. All of our ingredients are fresh and real:

Real berries, real fruits, real sugar, real cream, real vanilla beans from Madagascar Island, and real Belgian or Swiss dark, milk, or white chocolate.

All of our decorations, for example our famous decorative roses, are hand crafted from chocolate and marzipan. We never use artificial decorations (unless requested by the client). We believe in all-natural ingredients from the base of the cake to the tip of the highest decoration.

You are not, by any means, limited by what you see on our website! Many of our treats are fully customizable, and specially available in:



dairy-free and organic variations.

Our most customizable product is our delicious cupcakes, that our client can personalize with any combination of sizes, creams, flavours, toppings, fillings and bases. Let your imagine run wild with your dessert, and express your personal sense of style for your event!

Perhaps you have seen our lemon cream-filled, Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake? Would you, for example, prefer a strawberry filling and chocolate cream, with chocolate shavings on top? No problem! Simply specify this in your order and you will have your own personal tastes expressed in your dessert.

Excellent Cakes also caters to special events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries and more! Gift packaging and delivery is available on request to make sure that the day will be extra special.