AB Design Studio – Window Coverings

AB Design specializes in interior home consultation, design and window coverings for Toronto residences and commercial spaces that strive to go beyond simple décor towards high-class aesthetics. Upscale urban designer and owner of AB Design Studio Alina Burygina is known for high quality window coverings in Toronto that cultivate any type of style and atmosphere. Having had years of experience as an upscale interior designer and consultant in Europe, she knows the latest trends and secrets to making your residence truly stand out.

AB Design is especially proud to present its signature draping patterns – the Waterfall Inspiration. An exclusive creation by Alina Burygina, it gives the home an element of flow and closeness to nature that an urban residence so often craves. Other designs authored and innovated by AB Design include Modern Waves, Seashell Reflections, and Romantic Waves. These are complemented by unique variations and accents that our designers can provide to make sure that you never get tired of your interior.

Founded by Alina Burygina, a former interior design expert in Europe, AB Design offers the finest custom drapery in Toronto and boasts an extensive portfolio of GTA residences, offices, and banquet halls. Our stylist will strategize how to implement the kind of window design that is perfect for your space – from curtains, shades, and blinds to mild upgrades that won’t hurt your budget.

AB Design goes beyond what typical interior designing companies do. We fashion custom drapery for Toronto’s most exclusive homes, based on an artistic understanding of what it takes to make each room a unique hit. When our professional team fabricates custom drapery for your Toronto residence, they take into account all the little details, including:

  • Spatial dynamics
  • Window shape
  • Energy levels
  • Light sources
  • Color psychology

These details are assessed for each room to foster the intended atmosphere and create the interior that matches your needs perfectly.

You would be surprised how even minor alternations will transform your home into a brand new feel, look and style that are ideal for your taste and living space. You’ll be able to choose from a color pallet that matches your personality and desired atmosphere, be it a bachelor pad or a family home. For the perfect combination of fabrics and custom drapery for a Toronto home that really stands out, give us a call today.