How NOT to be a Super Mom


How NOT be a Super Mom – thoughts of a not so Super Mother.

In our day and age, it is impossible to open any parenting magazine, forum or blog without a “super mom” staring back at you. We all know her. She is the one with the perfectly clean house, full of DIY projects and a kitchen remodeled for less than a month’s salary. She is the one with an eternally happy kid with no tantrums ever recorded, who eats broccoli by the pound and sleeps through the night before being born. The Super mom, with the perfectly styled hair, manicured nails, loving husband, non-smelly dog and non-existent parents-in-law.

If you tell me that this Super mom doesn’t annoy you to the slightest, or worse, you believe you are a Super Mom, I beg you, please close this page, forget about reading this and go back to riding a unicorn down the double rainbow.

For the rest of us, mortal mothers with snotty children and unstyled hair, I have a suggestion – lets NOT be super mothers.

I will tell you a secret: nobody benefits from a super human for a mother. The Homo sapiens that we represent are not meant to excel in Every. Single. Thing! I will tell you another little secret! Once you let go of the notion that you need to be perfect – life will become easier, your child happier and most likely, you will have more sex.

Lets face it, the everyday struggle to fit into the mold that society somehow created for us is driving mothers into depression, stress and anxiety, none of which are remotely healthy or support a loving family structure.

*Did your toddler throw himself on the floor of the supermarket and banged his head because he didn’t get whatever it is he wanted that second? Breathe! Tell the onlookers that you are rehearsing a play for the local theater titled “Aliens in the bodies of our toddlers – the end of planet Earth” and continue on with your shopping. I promise that even the strongest toddler can only tolerate that much head-banging. The floors in supermarkets are tougher than your 3 year old.

*Now, did your kid eat a bucket of sand at the playground? Breathe! It’s not the worst thing that he will taste in his life. Make sure that he didn’t ingest human or animal byproducts and remind yourself that once he hits his teenage years, sand will be the least suspicious substance that will enter his body.

*You came home to a dirty kitchen, naked husband on the couch, smelly dog and snoring mother-in-law? Breathe. Take off your clothes and make the best of the situation. After all, husband is more likely to clean the kitchen and move your mother-in-law afterwards, when you’re snoring in his place.

*Your hair, nails and lawn are in a desperate need of a cut, trim and polish? Take a personal day, or better two, and take care of yourself. Your job, your errands, your soul mate and your projects can wait, but You can’t wait to think about You.

The society is desperately trying to make every mother into a Super Mom instead of supporting the fact that every mother is unique and needs a break now and then. Moreover, mothers themselves need to calm down and stop the “I can do everything under the sun without ever burning out and I will show everyone that my Facebook and Instagram pictures are perfectly real and I lead a perfectly happy life in a perfectly crazy world”.

Let’s all take a deep breath, pour ourselves a glass of wine, or whatever else is to your liking, and recall the fact that every mom is a Super Mom by definition. Please, lets not complicate things!

About the Author: Maria Petrov is the the owner and designer of her jewelry Line MariaP Jewellery, blog writer, mom and active admin of Toronto Mommies group. You can find Maria on her Facebook Page  or her Etsy Store.

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