Review: Adventure Cape by Great Pretenders

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I was sent this cape for review from, a company that sells high quality consumes and pretend play wear. I got it very fast (maybe a day or two) and I tried it on both my 2 year old and 6 year old.

Product Description: “Adventure Cape – You really can’t have an adventure without a cape. Think of all the great superheroes and what they have in common their own signature capes! Our original adventure cape is available in either red or blue satin, each cape features our very own hero emblem on the back. A metallic lightning bolt sets off the adventure and gives little adventurer a chance to shine. Lightning style!”

First thing that I noticed is that this cape is a very good quality, superior to the quality of the costumes u can buy at party packages and so forth. I can see this cape lasting for years and doing well in the washing machine. The cape does not have a known superhero on the back which can be good or bad – some kids want to see superman and the likes but for parents that prefer to keep their kids away from violent movies and still have their kid participate in role play to encourage imagination it’s a big plus.

My 2 year old initially did not like anything on his neck but when he saw the excited 6 year old running around the house with it, he was all of a sudden ok with it.  Overall it’s a very good product that is available both in red and blue. I can also think it is good for daycares because it can be good for multiple use and washable. $18CAD at they also have good quality fairy costumes and more.

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