Open Letter to my Darling Son

darling son

My darling son; you are turning two in a week’s time and although you are still so young, to me it seems like it was only yesterday that I saw you for the first time. The passage of every minute, every month and every year makes me more and more aware of the little man that you are becoming. Slowly but surely, you are developing your own quirky personality with distinctive likes and dislikes.

Along with being aware of the metamorphosis that occurs within our little family, I am also painfully cognizant about the society that you are growing up in. That is why I so desperately want to make sure that you grow up to become the person YOU want to be, rather than what the world, or even your parents, want you to be.

  • I hope that you will be courageous. Courageous to open doors, which others would be too afraid to touch. Courageous to stand up to what you believe is right. Brave in the sense that you will find the courage to say no, when other’s are saying yes.
  • I wish that you will be determined. Determined to follow your dreams, no matter what others say. Your dreams should withstand even the criticism of your toughest critics – us, your loving parents. Determination to succeed in whatever it is you choose to do with your life is both a blessing and curse, and I hope that you will choose wisely.
  • I desire for you to be rebellious! Rebellious towards the societal norms that dictate who you should be! It takes both courage and determination to show the world who YOU are and I hope you will have the character to do that.
  • I long for you to be strong. It will take great character strength to be able to withstand peer pressure. You will need stamina to stand up for what is right and protect those weaker than you. Remember, your loved ones will always count on you.
  • I hope that you will know love. A man needs love in his heart. Love towards the world, love towards himself, love towards his parents and love towards other people. Love will teach you compassion and romance, kindness and tenderness. Love will open the doors that courage, determination and strength won’t budge.

My dear son, there are so many things that I wish for you to see, do and feel as well as so many that I hope will escape you.

I wish you will never need the elusive happiness of drugs; never feel the loneliness of a childfree life; never experience the grief of a broken character or the sadness of a shattered dream.

I hope you will be able to see the world with your own eyes, feel the high of success, touch a loving and deeply loved soul, hold your newborn child in your arms and hear a cheer in your honor.

You are only turning two soon, but as your forever and always loving mother, I hope that one day you will read this and recognize a wonderful man that you’ve become in my loving words.

About the Author: Maria Petrov is the the owner and designer of her jewelry Line MariaP Jewellery, blog writer, mom and active admin of Toronto Mommies group. You can find Maria on her Facebook Page. 


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