Men Gift Guide: Heat 3 Smart Gloves Review

Christmas time is here and this means winter! Time for festive mood and gift giving, which usually means stressing over what to buy for the important people in our lives. It is no secret that one of the hardest people to shop for are the men in our lives. Socks, ties, watches and the rest are all cliche. So what can we buy that is useful and supercool?

Heat 3 Gloves are marketed in part for photographers to shoot in the cold and not freeze their fingers off. While the reviews on the internet clearly show that it works for that, there are more uses for these quality gloves than first meets the eye. Heat 3 Gloves are good for:

  • For perfect use of your iPhone and all touch screens
  • For daily life in winter, skiing, mountain climbing etc.
  • Thumb and index finger right and left with silver fabric
  • Palm side full goat leather for more warmth and better gripAdditional 4 oz Primaloft on the cuff for even more warmth
  • Total freedom of movement by means of the elastic mitten function
  • Thumb flap also allows for optimal warmth and movement when needed
  • Mitten finger flap allows for maximum warmth
  • Extra pocket on the back side of the mitten keeps the hand warmer (keys etc.) in place
  • Safety strap with elastic wrist band prevents the gloves from falling off
  • Material:
  • Elastic Microfibre with water resistant and breathable membrane ensures the highest level of dryness
  • Primaloft filling ensures optimal warmth
  • Size:
  • Large: for a 23 to 24 cm hand circumference

First thing that comes to mind is that the gloves are also good for people who spend a lot of time outside, not only men. People who works outside, do hiking or other forms of outside sports, maybe passionate dog walkers, hunters and stroller moms? Let me know if you like them as much as we did!

The gloves are $199.99 CAD and can be purchased here: HENRY’S 

HEAT 3 GLOVES have been continually developed over their lifetime. High qualitymaterials and workmanship are the prerequisites for these high performance products.We place great emphasis on functional details. The gloves are incredibly versatile as they can be used as mittens providing the ultimate warmth and also gloves which allowfull freedom of movement. 

While the gloves were designed specifically for the Austrian and German Special Forces for their winter combat missions, it has quickly been adopted by a diversity of other outdoor communities such as photographers, hunters, ice fisherman, snowmobilers,skiers, hikers, etc. Its robust feature set as shown below makes it ideal for all outdoor winter activities.glove

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