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For many parents with Jewish roots the question of how to raise our kids with awareness for their roots is often one left without a good answer. It is great if your family is religious because you have a synagogue and a strong tradition to walk your child through life. But what if your family is not religious? What if you prefer a secular approach to Judaism and yet want your child to have a strong connection to his or her roots?

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Many parents are faced with this question and that until recently was left somewhat unanswered. This is why Tania Hovich, an educator and a mom from Vaughan, ON created a small Jewish supplementary school (after/out of school hours) in her home only 5 years ago.

Today, J.Roots offers a wide range of Jewish educational programming in two of JCC’s locations in the GTA. From holidays, traditions, history and literature to developing their Hebrew skills and getting boys and girls of age ready for their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, J.Roots seems to offer a variety of engaging multi-sensory activities, passionate and dedicated staff, and the pursuit of excellence in all of it’s programs. They even have a band where talented and ambitious musicians and singers learn and rehearse Jewish musical pieces and perform them during community events.

J.Roots highlights:

  • Widest range of Jewish supplementary programming

  • Highest quality Hebrew programs

  • Rated one of the most recommended schools in the GTA by parents

  • Midtown (Prosserman) and Uptown (Schwartz/Reisman Centre) locations

  • Sunday morning classes (ages 3-10) and Wednesday evening classes (ages 11-14)

  • Eventful and fun PA Days

  • Choir, chess and jazz band

  • Best Bar and Bat mitzvah preparation in town!

When registering your child for J.Roots you do not have to provide any documentation proving your child’s is Jewish roots (excluding Bar/Bat Mitzvah); all that matters is that your child and you are eager to learn and explore the unique makeup of your heritage.

J.Roots works around the parent’s and child’s schedule and is affordable for most families. The school has weekday and weekend programs and a great program for those dreadful PA days. All tuition is tax deductible.

J Roots is the perfect, fun way to help your child connect with their Jewish heritage and increase Jewish activity at home in a secular environment. J.Roots is a part of Jewish Russian Initiative Toronto.

For more information and registration contact the friendly J Roots Team at (905) 303- 2346 or e-mail


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