Healthy tips for back-to-school lunches

(NC) The types of foods and snacks that children bring to the classroom can have a major impact on their learning. They can make the difference in a child’s focus and engagement throughout the day. For busy parents who need to get out the door quickly in the morning, it can be difficult to throw together a brain-boosting, fully-packed lunch without the right ingredients or cooperation from their kids. Here are some quick tips for parents to start the school year off right with healthy, smart lunch ideas:

Tip 1: Have your food groups covered

A balanced lunch to keep kids going all day requires food from all four food groups, including vegetables, fruits, grain products, and dairy and meat alternatives. You can incorporate all of these elements with creative ideas like a take-to-school taco bar, or a healthy spin on a classic like baked chicken nuggets with fresh cut veggies. For picky eaters who aren’t filling their nutrient quota for the day, try a supplement like Jamieson’s Vita-Vim for Kids, specifically formulated to nourish growing bodies with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, to help boost young immune systems.

Tip 2: Get your kids involved

Healthy lunch choices start in the grocery aisle, so why not get your children involved with this step. Take your kids grocery shopping to educate them on what is considered a healthy choice and let them have a say in what goes into the cart to give them a sense of empowerment and responsibility. This way when these items end up in their lunch boxes they will be familiar and excited to eat them.

Tip 3: Choose brain foods

It’s important to give kids food that will keep their energy and concentration levels high, rather than packaged foods loaded with sugar and sodium that will make them crash before the end of the school day. Choose grab-and-go snacks like Greek yogurt with home-made granola, or apple slices with almond butter. Omega-3 supplements like Jamieson Omega-3 Kids Gummies not only taste delicious, but they are a perfect way to help them get essential fatty acids to help regulate mood, behaviour.

Though many Canadian children have access to essential nutrients and healthy lunches, there are many at-risk populations around the world that do not. That’s why Jamieson Vitamins has partnered with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization that helps at-risk populations gain access to life changing vitamins they need to thrive.

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