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French Lessons and Tutoring


One on one sessions with a professional French language teacher. Whether you want to learn French from scratch, get some tutoring with your regular French school classes or just refresh your French language skills I would be glad to help you.

Call me today at 647-821-6131


Преподаватель с многолетним стажем даёт уроки всех уровней. Диплом педуниверситета с отличием (специализация – французский язык). Стажировалась во Франции, опыт преподавания в школе и университете.
Светлана 647-821-6131

L4E 3S9
Svetlana Serianova
Rutherford Private School & Daycare

Daycare & Kindergarten – 18 months to 6 years
Advanced Elementary School – Grades 1-8
University Prep High School – A Better Way to Get an A
A+ After School Program – Help for Busy Parents
Canada International Students – Where Your Dreams Become Reality
Smart Saturday – Math, Robotics, Video Game Creation

Rutherford School offers a challenging program in a nurturing environment, with small classes, individual attention, and outstanding teachers as our hallmarks. A traditional and structured, yet creative curriculum serves a range of diverse students within a family-like environment. Rutherford School creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, as we seek to imbue students with a love of learning and provide sound preparation for higher education.

At the centre of our philosophy is the idea that securing a broad foundation of knowledge is essential to a successful adult life. Learning how to learn, although important, cannot replace the development of a knowledge base that allows a child to participate fully in his/her environment. We therefore strive to expose our students to the major achievements and works within each discipline.

Having been taught this information, we ensure that it is remembered through frequent review and testing. By gaining this knowledge, children can converse intelligently with others on a broad range of topics. We believe that a child will grow and achieve best when surrounded by those who actively engage in the joy of learning and discovery.

Rutherford School incourages positive attitudes, fosters leadership and consistently reinforces the values and standards of responsible behavior. By working in concert, teachers and parents strive to engender self-confidence and guide children toward their highest potential. Children who face challenges with enthusiasm, a faculty that nurtures their growth, and parents who support the many facets of school life, join in forming the family that is Rutherford Private School.

Our commitment is to:

Provide a secure and loving environment.
Build a strong foundation for each child to grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.
Give the finest care and most well rounded education possible.


We believe that the main ingredients to become a successful individual are having the will, vision, and ambition. Rutherford Private School offers a wide variety of activities that will spark your child’s interest and help him or her envision success. It is our responsibility to give our children the possibility to conquer their goals.


To provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum.
To provide a supportive environment in which students develop competence in academic, and creative endeavors.
To encourage self-discipline, self-respect, social responsibility and the characteristics of leadership.
To encourage critical and creative thinking.
To challenge each student to realize and reach his/her full potential.
To prepare each student for his/her secondary school experience.


A well rounded environment
We believe that a well rounded environment is one of the key factors that contribute to the growth of good hearted and strong individuals who strive for success. As our students foster and mature they receive personalized guidance and attention to ensure that they are feeling good about themselves and their surrounding. At Rutherford Private School your child will enjoy a supportive, unconditionally accepting, fostering, and challenging atmosphere that will lead him or her every step of the way.

Smaller classes ensure stronger learning
At Rutherford Private School your child will enjoy small classes and low teacher to student ratio. We believe that this combination provides an ideal environment where each student could develop a high level of self esteem and confidence which in turn leads to great results. This also allows each teacher to create individualized plan for each student that will allow him or her to advance at their own pace. This keeps students enthusiastic, motivated, and eager to learn.

Global thinking
In our rigorously developing world we must think globally. A careful analysis of many areas of study would reveal that there exists much interconnection and overlap. The beauty of knowing how to spot these similarities gives us the opportunity to see the world in a different light which in turn allows us to solve problems and make decision of a higher difficulty level. Hence, we teach our students to see the patterns, connections, and similarities in everything they pursue. This results in a more complete and profound understanding of topics covered in class and their application to the real world. To achieve this multipart goal we designed program that stem from the children’s interest, and integrate knowledge across the different strands of the curriculum. The result is a carefully designed program where problem solving, brilliancy, creativity, and academic excellence are fostered.

37 Jacob Keffer Parkway, Vaughan
L4K 5N8
The Answer Learning Centre

We offer private and small group lessons in English, Math Science and French for all grades and levels. Our  approach  helps students overcome any difficulties as well as gain advanced knowledge in their subject of interest.

Our mission is to provide our students with the strategies and the confidence they need to improve their grades, complete their assignments independently, and advance their critical and analytical thinking skills.  Over the years, our programs have proven to be very effective, and every course is carefully planned with clear outcomes corresponding to grade levels. However, we do not rely on a fixed set of one-size-fits-all teaching materials. Our instructors continuously modify and redevelop resources to fit the needs of each student.

English programs cover everything from basic reading to advanced academic writing.

reading and writing activities on a wide variety of topics
 spelling, grammar, and vocabulary enrichment
sentence structure, and paragraph organization
preparation for various language tests
English as a second language classes for adults, all levels

Contact us to find out how you can develop your own style of writing while at the same time focusing on all the other aspects of language.  Please, take a look at ourannual brochure containing the work of our students.

Math and Science programs are for students from Grade 1 through to Grade 12 and College and University students.

improve basic arithmetic and problem solving skills
develop a deeper understanding of advanced mathematical concepts
achieve good performance on tests and exam
participate in contests and Mathematical Olympics including Gauss, Euclid, Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests, and others
prepare for SAT, a standardized test for admission to most colleges and universities in the United States

Students who wish to improve their performance in Mathematics and Science or to gain advanced understanding of concepts are welcome to contact us and arrange for lessons and tutorials.

French programs at The Answer Learning Centre cover a variety of objectives. We help children enrolled in French Immersion programs and work closely with their parents to break and language barriers they may have. We also offer classes and tutoring for all grade levels and French classes for adults.
Not sure which program is suitable for you?
Attach samples of your writing and provide a brief description of your requirements through the form below, and we will recommend the program that best fits your needs:

411 Confederation Parkway, Vaughan, ON
L4K 0A8
Maria Gourevich
Trendy Students Learning Centre
647-201-4805 or 905-787-0707

Licensed AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM for kids in Richmond Hill

After School Program

Summer Camp/Half Day Summer Camp

Winter Camp

March Break Camp

We are a team of dedicated teachers and instructors who just enjoy teaching.

We are teaching French, Russian and English, along with Math, Art and Culture to accommodate students with multi dimensional interests.

We interest our students and allow them to learn through real life occurrences and events. We involve students in discussion sessions on a certain subject and help them gain confidence to participate in them. It allows them to develop certain social communication skills to help them on their way into the world ahead.

Our language education is ahead of current public school curriculum in terms of grammar, phonics and vocabulary. Our French, Russian and English courses are taught according to syllabus developed by leading professionals in the field.

Our enrichment programs include Art, Theatre and Music classes. They teach students how to express themselves and help them gain confidence through systematic achievements. Students develop communications skills and build character as well as define themselves in the creative field.

We raise talented mathematicians and abstract thinkers with the help of our Math, IQ and chess classes. Students all have different styles of comprehension; we catch their strengths and weaknesses and enthusiastically seek new ways to illustrate our materials as clear as possible. With our teaching practices every pupil builds and keeps the knowledge in a way that is suited to him or her – this ensures the retention of the intellectual skills for many years ahead.

Grades are important and falling behind in school can sometimes be catastrophic. Our approach to tutoring is unique in that we first understand what is causing difficulties in comprehension of certain material. Our way to relay the material in organic and systematic fashion has helped every one of our kids overcome their learning barriers.

Below are our classes and programs at a glance:

Enrichment programs

Theatre, art, music
Discussion and collaboration classes
Special literacy classes
English literature

Academic development classes

English, French, Russian language classes
Math, chess and IQ classes
Computer education
Individual student assessment

Tutoring sessions

    Homework assistance
    Individual sessions
    Small group sessions
    Exam preparations
    Summer camp opportunities
    Art, dance, acting, music
    English, French, Math, IQ
    Chess, computers, sports competitions, swimming
    Hot meals and snacks

We operate the “Sharing the Gift of Books” program, which includes reading and discussion classes intended to improve the students’ knowledge of spoken Russian. This program is supported by Canadian Government.

We also accommodate the younger groups of first time students in our “Getting ready for school” program. We teach phonics, writing, reading and grammar in short sessions to help pupils transition smoother into their first year in school.

Feel free to call us at 905-787-0707 or 647-201-4805 to find out more.

10303 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor, Richmond Hill
L4C 3B9
Vlad’s Music Studio
905 763-1347 or 416 471-0872

A professional teacher with many years of experience is offering lessons on a six string guitar. Different ages, levels and styles of music. Good results after 10 lessons.

Профессиональный педагог с большим стажем дает уроки игры на 6-струнной гитаре. Разные возрасты, уровни и стили музыки. Хорошие результаты через 10 уроков.


L4J 8G4
Elena Gourevitch
Natalia Yushkevich, Speech Pathologist

Natalia Yushkevich, Speech-Language Pathologist(C), Reg. CASLPO

I am a qualified and experienced Speech-Language Pathologist. I also hold the OCT Certificate for Primary, Junior, and Special Education. I graduated from Minsk University, Belarus. I earned my Master’s Degree in Special Education and Speech-Language Pathology in Shaanan College and University of Tel-Aviv, Israel. I have extensive experience providing assessment and treatment to clients with various communication difficulties including articulation and phonological disorders, language delay, fluency, hearing impairment, aphasia and neurological disorders. I also work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. With my strong background in Special Education and Speech Language Pathology and experienced knowledge in various implementing therapeutic techniques such as PROMPT, PECS, Hanen, AAC and Applied Behaviour Analysis, I am able to identify and accommodate different treatment needs, emphasizing the uniqueness of each client. I am fluent in Russian and Hebrew and have extensive knowledge and experience in providing assessment and treatment to culturally and linguistically diverse population. I continue to expand my knowledge in various fields through continuing education, professional conferences and workshops. I provide speech therapy in Barrie, Bradford, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Maple, Vaughan,North York and Markham.
Natalia also Provides Speech-Language Therapy under supervision of a senior ABA therapist .

York Region
L4G 6E9
Natasha Yushkevich
Alexey and Tanya’s Daycare (Richmond Hill)

For over 14 years, since 2001, our daycare works in a large, comfortable house beside a nice park with a playground in Richmond Hill.

In our cozy house, children don’t just spend time while their parents are at work, but also study communication, empathy, discipline and independence skills.

Tanya and Alexey, spouses with more than 25-year life and pedagogical experience, work with children together.

We have raised four of our own children without grandmothers and babysitters, and have advanced

education, Tanya – engineering and pedagogical University degree, continued then in college of organization

and management of a daycare.

Children really like to play and therefore we give preference to teach through games and fun activities, which allows the child to learn and enjoy puppet theatre, role-playing games, educational games, etc.

Our daycare guaranties environmentally friendly, safe, spaced modern atmosphere.

A full day includes: five meals per day, most of the products are organic and from local farms, home-made bread and pastries, day nap in individual cribs, walk in the park, many kinds of developing activities.

Children are under our supervision all the time.

We arrange holiday and birthday parties for children. We sincerely love each kid and consciously take the responsibility for each child.

Operating hours – from 7.00 till 18:30, Monday to Friday.

Our daycares’ goal is to encourage the child’s thirst for knowledge, development of children’s activity, confidence, independence, good memory, attention, logical thinking, constructive abilities.

Children eat in a special room and we play and learn in three other rooms on the first floor of the house.

Bedrooms are on the second floor of the house, a separate bedroom for babies. The older kids sleep on toddler beds, and babies are in cribs.

There is a sport complex which has extensive popularity amongst children 1.5 years and above. When children come to sport clubs they are already able to do a lot of things and usually get onto the higher level.

Children master skills faster in our daycare, repeat after their older friends, and don’t want to lag behind them. With fun it is possible to learn much!! Every day we study something new.

Often, our daycare kids bring their younger brothers and sisters to us. This shows that parents trust us to care for their younger kids.

Noritsyn Chess and Math Tutoring Lessons in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Mississauga



Individual lessons with kids from 6 y.o. and adults

Teachers –

Nikolay Noritsyn, International Master- chess, advanced level, coach of many Canadian champions, FIDE Master and World Champion U8 – Toronto and Richmond Hill

Liza Noritsyn – chess player, Honours Bachelor of Science, experienced chess teacher and math tutor for K- 12 and University curriculum – Mississauga

Sergey Noritsyn, Candidate FIDE and National Master, Canadian and North American Chess and Math Champion, gifted program student – lessons for chess and math, beginner and advanced level – Richmond Hill

L4C 9R8