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Advanced Psychology Services Centre in Richmond Hill

We offer (Мы предлагаем):

All types of psychological and educational testing (Все виды психологического и когнитивного тестирования):

– Cognitive Profile Assessments

– Gifted Assessments

– Psycho-educational assessments

– ADHD & LD assessments

– Autism spectrum (incl. Asperger’s) assessments

– Social emotional assessments

– Career assessments and guidance

Full range of psychological services for children, adults, and families (Все виды психологических услуг для детей, взрослых, и семей).

Наши психологи и терапевты говорят на Русском и на Иврите

Наши услуги покрывается почти всеми страховками и бенефитами

Все наши психологи и терапевты имеют Канадские лицензии




Advanced Psychology Services Centre in Richmond Hill is founded and managed by Dr. Tali Shenfield, CPsych. We offer a full range of psychological services for our clients incl. psychological therapy for children, adults and families and psychological assessments for children, adolescents, and young adults. We specialize in psycho-educational assessments incl. assessments for gifted programs, cognitive profile assessments, ADHD and learning disabilities (LD) assessments. We also offer social emotional assessments, Autism (incl. Asperger’s) assessments, and career assessments for teens and young adults. For more details on our testing services, please visit http://www.psy-ed.com/psychological-assessments/


Our psychologists and psychotherapists have many years of experience and are licensed by Ontario College of Psychologists, Canadian Psychological Association, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and other provincial or national licensing bodies.


Our newly-renovated centre is easily accessible from anywhere in Greater Toronto Area being only 5 min away from Hwy 404/407 intersection and 10 min away from Hwy 400/407 intersection. We offer therapy services in English, Russian, Hebrew, Farsi and Spanish.

9019 Bayview Ave #208 Richmond Hill
L4B 1Y3
Brain Power (Academic Enrichment Program)

Who we are:

Established in 1989, Brain Power is the most progressive, transformative, and rigorous after-school academic enrichment program in York Region and offers exceptional programs in math/problem-solving, English/Language arts, robotics, public speaking, gifted test preparation, University preparation, and more. All of these programs are offered at different levels suitable for your child! Small classrooms, PhD-level instructors, and accomplished students and alumni are part of this close network of gifted minds!

Brain Power engages the minds of academically strong students who seek an empathy-rooted, progressive, transformative, and dynamic critical-thinking educational enrichment offered in full-year courses during after-school hours. Brain Power’s small classrooms and individualized approach has proven to be a success with over 750 students and hundreds of successful alumni who have achieved a lot in our community and abroad.

What we offer: 

Language Arts: vocabulary, writing, essays, reading, literature, and history of ideas.

Public Speaking: the art of persuasion and oral presentation.

Math and Problem Solving: logic, mathematics, competitions, and brain teasers.

Robotics and Coding: Aerospace engineering, computer programming, STEM.
Test Prep: Gifted, IB, SSAT, SAT, MaCS, UTS, TOPS, CAT4.
University Prep: Applications, scholarships, and preparation for success.
Field Trips and Workshops: Experiential learning and cultural capital.  
(Free) Social Justice Book Club: Classic and modern literature + discussion.

Our vision: 

Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd.’s vision is to provide unparalleled, top-quality in-class enrichment educational experiences to students mostly from York Region, but also from across the GTA and southern Ontario; additionally we mixed in-class/online educational experiences to students anywhere in the world. We strive to inspire and enhance each student’s love of learning and breadth of skills through a unique interdisciplinary curriculum and exciting pedagogy. We provide a social justice platform in every respect of our business and commit to being change makers in the entire scope of the educational experience: from progressive curriculum to fascinating teaching, from ensuring equity to community involvement, and from policy impact to sustainable educational spaces. Indeed, creating physical educational learning environments that reflect a dedication to sustainability and environmental health is paramount in our aim to mirror our values of “doing education right.” By demonstrating that infrastructure can be restorative and education can be challenging yet just and fun, learning, community, space, and innovation can come together to change societies. We achieve this vision by consistently demonstrating our commitment to our values.
What sets Brain Power apart:
We value interdisciplinary studies and exceptional academic rigor in an 
environment that is dynamic and exciting. Brain Power provides low professor-to-student ratio and our classes are all taught by mentors who are highly educated (Ph.D’s), passionate pedagogues, and experts in their field.  We develop and deliver progressive, challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum, full support in and out of class by our staff, extra-curricular field trips and community work—all of which dismantle status-quo thinking and develops critical thinking. Moreover, Brain Power addresses the need for academic and experiential learning opportunities, where social justice and empathy are themes woven throughout all experiences. Finally, we are dedicated to creating and building educational spaces that echo sustainability values and a commitment to ethics.

Awards: Brain Power Students:
-Commonwealth Society World Essay Competition 2013 – Cambridge University: Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists in both divisions
-Poetry Institute of Canada – published authors and winners 2011, 2012 and 2013
-Kangaroo Competition winners, Gauss mathematics competition winners
– 98% entrance rate into University of Toronto Schools and IB programs every year
-Ayn Rand International Essay Competition:  Finalist 2011
-Scholarship winners to Cornell University, Harvard, Queen’s, York University (Schulich), UofT, Western, McGill, Waterloo, University of Pennsylvania, to name a few.

Brain Power Culture:
-We are values driven and not profit driven
-Our curriculum programming has been crafted and honed by our organization’s academic pedagogues who are leaders in their respected fields
-We create homogenous classes by interviewing (for free) and screening all in-coming students
-Our staff are dedicated, passionate, and highly educated experts
-Our organizational policies are rooted in justice and excellence
-We are a client-centered, award-winning organization
-We are committed advocates for social change; we actively participate in change making endeavours in and outside of our business
-We are community-oriented and support local social innovation, charities,
advocacy groups, and creative initiatives
-We are involved in cutting-edge educational research and knowledge sharing locally, nationally, and internationally
-Proven success: a top-rate reputation – we have been hailed as a “model site of education” by the Director of the Faculty of Education, York University

Кто мы?

Мы разработали уникальные годовые и летние программы в областях математики, логики, решениях задач, а также в изучении английского языка и литературы, в реторике, и роботехнике. Наша задача – развить способности у детей до уровня одарённости и выше. Наши программы учат детей независимому критическому мышлению. А также мы специализируемся в  подготовке к тестам для поступлению в престижные школы, как UTS, и в специальные программы как IB, MACS, TOPS и готовим к поступлению в университеты. Все наши программы разработаны для разных возрастов и для разных уровней знаний. Мы тестируем каждого нового кандидата на смекалку, способности и знания, чтобы определить правильный уровень программы. Все наши преподователи высоко квалифицированные педагоги, у большинства есть Рh.D степень образования. Мы поддерживаем контакты с нашими выпускниками, многие из которых закончили или учатся в престижных канадских и американских университетах. Присоединятесь к нам! 

Please contact us to set up a (free) assessment interview for your child! 


Through our BRAIN POWER Facebook page.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brainpower.ca/?fref=ts

E-mail: info@mybrainpower.ca

Phone number: 905-886-6721

Website: www.brainpower.ca 
Address: Schwartz-Reisman Community Centre @ 9600 Bathurst Street, 
Vaughan, ON, Suite #313
(Third floor)

Schwartz-Reisman Community Centre @ 9600 Bathurst Street Unit 313, Vaughan
L6A 3Z8
Sasha Ioffine
Natalia Yushkevich, Speech Pathologist

Natalia Yushkevich, Speech-Language Pathologist(C), Reg. CASLPO

I am a qualified and experienced Speech-Language Pathologist. I also hold the OCT Certificate for Primary, Junior, and Special Education. I graduated from Minsk University, Belarus. I earned my Master’s Degree in Special Education and Speech-Language Pathology in Shaanan College and University of Tel-Aviv, Israel. I have extensive experience providing assessment and treatment to clients with various communication difficulties including articulation and phonological disorders, language delay, fluency, hearing impairment, aphasia and neurological disorders. I also work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. With my strong background in Special Education and Speech Language Pathology and experienced knowledge in various implementing therapeutic techniques such as PROMPT, PECS, Hanen, AAC and Applied Behaviour Analysis, I am able to identify and accommodate different treatment needs, emphasizing the uniqueness of each client. I am fluent in Russian and Hebrew and have extensive knowledge and experience in providing assessment and treatment to culturally and linguistically diverse population. I continue to expand my knowledge in various fields through continuing education, professional conferences and workshops. I provide speech therapy in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Maple, Vaughan,North York and Markham.

York Region
L4G 6E9
Natasha Yushkevich
Wonder Cubs Home Daycare

Richmond Hill Home Daycare

Wonder Cubs Daycare is a home daycare run by a Pediatric Registered Nurse in Ontario and an ECA. We offer a warm, loving, safe and comfortable environment for your child. We do everything we can to make our facilities feel like a home away from home. Our environment makes education interesting and interactive, encouraging a sense of exploration and a positive attitude towards learning that will last for life. Our team is dedicated to providing a happy and stimulating environment that’s designed to bring out the best in your child.

We offer:
• Structured educational program (strong curriculum) to prepare the children for school
• Art lessons (2 paintings, 2 model clay sculpturing and 1 craft lesson per week). At the end of each month your child will bring home his or her folder and they will be very proud to show you all the work they have accomplished in the month.
• Circle time with interactive songs and games. Role playing, group games, puzzles, coloring, play dough and more

• Super clean and well maintained facility. Huge backyard with lots of toys
• Extracurricular activities include: kiddy dance, music lessons with a professional music teacher, Kinder Gym and Yoga. For more information check our “schedule” page
• A live Webcam so you or the child’s grandparents can see your child at any time
• All Organic menu. Balanced, nutritious meals are prepared onsite. We believe that nutritious food supports learning and overall health. Our food is prepared by one of the team members who is a Registered Nurse and has knowledge in food handling to ensure all health, sanitary and safety regulations are followed. We consciously adhere to Canada’s Daily Food Guide so your child gets all of the nutrients they need to be their best throughout the day. We have created a homemade menu, which we prepare with organic and all natural products, without artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings, and preservatives. Most products used in the menu are from Organic Garage and other supermarkets that carry organic produce. We can accommodate kids who have allergies to dairy, gluten and other allergens and who have dietary restrictions due to health problems and religious believes. We are however not a nut/peanut free daycare. In the summer and spring, we will enjoy our organic vegetable garden. The children will get a chance to pick tomatoes, green peas, and other vegetables and herbs to add to our salads to go with lunches.
• We celebrate Birthdays with organic homemade cakes, end of the summer BBQ, all holidays including our annual Halloween Party, where your child is welcome to come dressed in their Halloween Costume. The children look forward to Easter egg hunts.
• We will assist parents/guardians with potty training.

We have full time openings for children 18 months to 5 years of age.
Wonder Cubs Daycare is located in Richmond Hill at Yonge Street and Carrville Rd. The daycare makes use of the whole main floor of the house, as well as a very large fully fenced backyard with toys, climber, swings, playhouse and mature trees.

45 Carrville Rd
L4C 6E4
Inessa Taibert