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24 Fit Club

*Nutrition and Wellness category.

Welcome to 24 FIT CLUB!

Our club run by professional wellness coaches who trained in nutrition by the best doctors in wellness industry.
They have an outstanding ability in providing the knowledge to our club members.

We are very exited to motivate and support you to achieve your wellness goals and make this process become a pleasant life journey!
It is fun, it is simple any it is possible!

As a first step towards active and healthy lifestyle, we are offering our members a bonus program: FIT CAMP.

How does it work?
-40 minutes metabolic workout.
-20 minutes nutrition talk
Only for $6:
-Pre and post workout drinks to hydrate your body and muscle tissue repair.
Also included:
-Body composition analysis.
-Personal meal planing.
-Nutritional supplements are available.
-Weekly follow up and support.

We are welcoming you to join us for a new   life path towards a NEW YOU!

***We are family friendly club.

883 St. Clair W (SIDE DOOR), Toronto
Lilia Kitainik
Anahata Heart Yoga Studio

Anahata Heart Yoga Studio is a private studio in Thornhill. We offer a deep, body-centred yoga practice enriched with the pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation for vibrant, happy body and peaceful and focused mind. Our classes are targeted to posture improvement and body rejuvenation.

We offer private and semi-private sessions tailored to your needs and lifestyle through yoga therapy approach.

our unique weight-loss practice is focused on freeing up your natural body resources through detox and boosting metabolism asanas (postures). It is topped up with the pranayama (breathing techniques) for optimal slimming results.

Yoga Barre classes deliver a dancer's like body with toned, lean and long muscles. This type of yoga feels like no other, leaving you with beaming energy and strong, sleek and supple body at no time.

Restorative sessions provide relaxation and delicate realignment of the body, bringing you to your inner centre, calming and bringing clarity to your mind and opening you heart chakra - Anahata to radiate more love and joy into your world.

Our professionally designed yoga studio welcomes yogis of all ages and experience levels. It specifically destined to be a perfect ground for a deep yoga and yoga barre practice.

We are located in Thorhill at Dufferin & Clark


87 Donisi Ave, Thornhill
L4J 6W2
Tanya Stoyanova
Temkin Opticians

Servicing Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and all of Northern GTA. We are a full optical practice offering designer eyewear, sunglasses, sport eyewear, and eye exams by appointment with a licensed Dr of Optometry.

8707 Dufferin St #1 Vaughan
JR Couture – Fashion Accessories for all Ages

Hand Made, Stocked and Custom Made Fashion Accessories for all Ages including Leather Moccasins, Ruffle Rompers, Pettiskirts, Tutus, Headbands, Hairbands, Hair Clips, Hats, Costumes and more.

Website Address: www.jrcouture.ca
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jrcouture.ca
Instagram Page: jr_couture

Jenn Russiello
BUBBLE SHOW by Smile Group
647-648-KIDS (5437)

Birthday Parties and Events for Children

We bring the Party to you!

We are an innovative company that offers a unique and creative approach to children’s entertainment. Here at Kids Party 2 Go, we deliver an unforgettable birthday party experience directly to you, whether it’s your home, indoor playground, daycare, school or park.

Our goal is to delight each and every child by making the dream come true on their special day. Imagine the eyes of your children when they see a favourite cartoon character comes to wish them Happy Birthday! Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Olaf, Minions, Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, Elmo & Cookie Monster, Princesses, Fairies, Super Heroes – many characters to choose from...

Just give us a few hints about your child’s wishes and we will do our best to create an unforgettable event they will remember for years to come. If you have a special request or a cartoon character you want to see, please feel free to contact us and we will try to make your wish come true!

There will be lots of fun games and activities for your child and no stress for you, just sit and enjoy the special day with your child, and let us take care of the rest!

                 Choose from a wide variety of entertainment packages:

• Mascot Characters - Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Olaf, Ninja Turtles, Minions,

Elmo&Cookie Monster, Dora, Princess Sofia and many more….

Princess Party – Frozen Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, Cinderella, Belle,

Snow White, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora and more…

Bubble Show – an incredible bubble performance filled with fascinating

bubble tricks, juggling elements, cool music and colourful light effects!

Girls Spa Parties – let your little princess feel pampered on her special day

Mess-Free T-shirt Decoration Party – be creative and have your own t-shirt made by you

Ballroom Dance Show - Canadian Championship Winners will perform an

outstanding dance program to amaze you and your guests!

Clown and Magic Show – funny magic with a twist

Animal Show – a unique party experience together with circus trained poodles and doves!

Balloon Décor – designed specifically for your party
Face Painting
Glitter Tattoos
Balloons Twisting

Book your party today at 647-648-KIDS (5437)!

You can also visit www.creativeparty.ca

Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kidsparty2go

And www.facebook.com/tshirtmaking

L3X 1S2
Sasha Sinay
Alexey and Tanya’s Daycare (Richmond Hill)

For over 14 years, since 2001, our daycare works in a large, comfortable house beside a nice park with a playground in Richmond Hill.

In our cozy house, children don’t just spend time while their parents are at work, but also study communication, empathy, discipline and independence skills.

Tanya and Alexey, spouses with more than 25-year life and pedagogical experience, work with children together.

We have raised four of our own children without grandmothers and babysitters, and have advanced

education, Tanya - engineering and pedagogical University degree, continued then in college of organization

and management of a daycare.

Children really like to play and therefore we give preference to teach through games and fun activities, which allows the child to learn and enjoy puppet theatre, role-playing games, educational games, etc.

Our daycare guaranties environmentally friendly, safe, spaced modern atmosphere.

A full day includes: five meals per day, most of the products are organic and from local farms, home-made bread and pastries, day nap in individual cribs, walk in the park, many kinds of developing activities.

Children are under our supervision all the time.

We arrange holiday and birthday parties for children. We sincerely love each kid and consciously take the responsibility for each child.

Operating hours - from 7.00 till 18:30, Monday to Friday.

Our daycares’ goal is to encourage the child’s thirst for knowledge, development of children's activity, confidence, independence, good memory, attention, logical thinking, constructive abilities.

Children eat in a special room and we play and learn in three other rooms on the first floor of the house.

Bedrooms are on the second floor of the house, a separate bedroom for babies. The older kids sleep on toddler beds, and babies are in cribs.

There is a sport complex which has extensive popularity amongst children 1.5 years and above. When children come to sport clubs they are already able to do a lot of things and usually get onto the higher level.

Children master skills faster in our daycare, repeat after their older friends, and don't want to lag behind them. With fun it is possible to learn much!! Every day we study something new.

Often, our daycare kids bring their younger brothers and sisters to us. This shows that parents trust us to care for their younger kids.

Noritsyn Chess and Math Tutoring Lessons in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Mississauga



Individual lessons with kids from 6 y.o. and adults

Teachers -

Nikolay Noritsyn, International Master- chess, advanced level, coach of many Canadian champions, FIDE Master and World Champion U8 - Toronto and Richmond Hill

Liza Noritsyn - chess player, Honours Bachelor of Science, experienced chess teacher and math tutor for K- 12 and University curriculum - Mississauga

Sergey Noritsyn, Candidate FIDE and National Master, Canadian and North American Chess and Math Champion, gifted program student - lessons for chess and math, beginner and advanced level - Richmond Hill

L4C 9R8
Chamelea Science and Birthday Party Center

If you’re looking to increase your child’s love of science, the Chamelea Science and Birthday Party Center is the place to visit. Located at 126 Limestone Crescent, Unit 2 M3J 2S4, Toronto, Ontario, our center specializes in parties for children with an educational twist.

Upon its creation, our founder, Dr. Alina S. Kotler, sought to build an interactive learning session for kids, where they could be taught the real meaning of art, science and fun in an enticing party mood. Having worked at a sick children’s hospital for several years, she has a deep understanding of the child mind and knows full well how keenly it adapts to whatever it sees in its environment. She is herself a mother of two beautiful daughters, so she experienced this on a rather personal level.

At the Chamelea Science and Birthday Party Center, we offer organizational services for kids’ birthday parties throughout GTA, Toronto, Markham, Etobicoke and Vaughan. A kid’s birthday is a special event, and we help make it even more memorable with a touch of scientific learning.

We have many themes and packages for our parties, catered to the preferences of each family. Among our most popular, we count “Ancient Civilizations,” “Dinosaur Adventure,” “Frozen Science,” “Minions Science,” “Perfume Creation,” “Space Explorer,” etc. We also include educational workshops that help children learn about science in a light hearted and entertaining way.

For those short on money, our membership for 2015-2016 will take you on a journey through the past 100 years of movie history. You will benefit from workshops, discounts of 10% on camps, classes and birthdays among others.

If you would like to see us in action and organize your own children’s birthday party, give us a call at … or contact us using the form available on our Contact Us page.

126 Limestone Crescent, Unit 2, Toronto
M3J 2S4
Umida Irisbaeva a driving instructior (Karat Driving School)

Lady driving instructor

Если вам не повезло с автошколой, если права вы получили, но утратили навыки вождения, а так же чувствуете себя за рулем неуверенно - это ваш шанс! Я научу вас получать удовольствие от вождения автомобиля. Научу не только управлению машиной, но и разбираться в различных не стандартных ситуациях, во время вождения.

Я опытный и терпеливый преподаватель, умеющий находить общий язык с учениками всех возрастов. Эксклюзивная методика обучения дает уверенность в вождении и повышает Ваше водительское мастерство, выработана специальная система обучения парковки и параллельного паркинга. Занятия проходят в легкой и непринужденной обстановке с применением уникального наглядного материала. Практически все мои ученики сдают тесты с первого раза. Уроки в удобное для вас время на новомSUV. И главное - не бойтесь приближающейся зимы, это еще одна из возможностей повысить Ваше водительское мастерство! Мы вместе пройдем весь путь до получения Вами прав G2 и G full.

5000 Dufferin St. North York
M3H 5T5
Umida Shamsi
So+ Marketing

Social Media and Local Marketing Consultant specializing in marketing to women, PR, reputation management, networking, and communication.

We will help you to increase your presence on Facebook and other social media platforms, find your target audience, build a plan of networking, create modern and hi-impact branding on a reasonable budget, utilize your existing contacts for more sales, make a memorable presentation and leverage your unique advantages and more.

The biggest mistake we see people making on social media are:

Hiding in the shadows and not announcing themselves to the world properly
Failing to determine target audience and targeting message to them
Focusing too hard on selling rather than relationship building
Not using their personality or "brand personality" for their advantage
Failing to network in the real world
Not communicating properly with potential clients
Thinking that good branding is too expensive to bother

If you think that you are any of the above, you could use our help. Just remember - to be a good social media brand you will have to learn to promote YOURSELF. We will help you to:

Find your voice and make it stand out from the rest
Know who your message is catered to and learn to deliver it
Build relationships on social media that translate into sales
Establish your unique online personality and use it to get noticed
Teach you how to network effortlessly and have fun
Communicate with your clients with ease and provide great customer service
Build your brand for a few of hundreds of dollars

We offer:

Personal & Professional Consultations
Social Media Management
PR Consultation
Marketing Plan Writing & More.

For information please contact us today!

Alisa Fulshtinsky
Sofya Brainin – Lactation Consultant

Who I am?

Sofya Brainin, Currently Practicing Registered Nurse( RN,BsN) and Lactation
Consultant (IBCLC).Current work places: NICU, Hospital Breastfeeding clinic,
Private practice

What do I do?

Helping moms and babies to establish and to continue a healthy Breastfeeding
relationships with an emphasis on Family centered care .My services sometimes
includes solutions to: painful breastfeeding, low and over milk supply,
breastfeeding twins and triplets, prevention and treatment of engorgement
and mastitis etc.

Who are my clients?

First time parents, second time parents and whoever need breastfeeding

Why do you need Lactation Consultant?

The medical system supposed to support breastfeeding. In real world mom and
her baby will be discharged from hospital 24 hours post labor and delivery. In
those 24 hours mom expected to recover from labor, to learn how to breastfeed
her baby and to master this skill and go home. Is it doable?
I doubt it…As a result mom falling into situation with lots and lots of unanswered
questions , doubts about all process and unfortunately early weaning from
In order to avoid that kind of situations mom needs professional help. The main
role of a Lactation Consultant is to provide the mom with answer urgent
questions related to Breastfeeding ,to help to establish the breastfeeding
relationship and to support the family during all period of breastfeeding.

How often you may need Lactation Consultant support?

Sometimes problem can be solved with one visit or even one phone call. In other
cases longer follow up needed. In my practise I consult moms of newborns and
bigger babies, sometimes even over one year olds.

How do I consult?

Client home visits , visits in my place, skype consultations, telephone and e-mail

L4J 8C4
Sofya Brainin

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