So+ Marketing

Social Media and Local Marketing Consultant specializing in marketing to women, PR, reputation management, networking, and communication.

We will help you to increase your presence on Facebook and other social media platforms, find your target audience, build a plan of networking, create modern and hi-impact branding on a reasonable budget, utilize your existing contacts for more sales, make a memorable presentation and leverage your unique advantages and more.

The biggest mistake we see people making on social media are:

  • Hiding in the shadows and not announcing themselves to the world properly
  • Failing to determine target audience and targeting message to them
  • Focusing too hard on selling rather than relationship building
  • Not using their personality or “brand personality” for their advantage
  • Failing to network in the real world
  • Not communicating properly with potential clients
  • Thinking that good branding is too expensive to bother

If you think that you are any of the above, you could use our help. Just remember – to be a good social media brand you will have to learn to promote YOURSELF. We will help you to:

  • Find your voice and make it stand out from the rest
  • Know who your message is catered to and learn to deliver it
  • Build relationships on social media that translate into sales
  • Establish your unique online personality and use it to get noticed
  • Teach you how to network effortlessly and have fun
  • Communicate with your clients with ease and provide great customer service
  • Build your brand for a few of hundreds of dollars

We offer:

  • Personal & Professional Consultations
  • Social Media Management
  • PR Consultation
  • Marketing Plan Writing & More.

For information please contact us today!