Sunrise Center

Watch your child grow beyond their horizons at Sunrise Center of Advanced Education. We provide a distinctive combination of education and fun thats creates an unrivalled learning experience. It is our sole purpose to help your child expand their leadership abilities, make new friends, and enjoy learning.

We here at Sunrise Center study the latest methodological methods and materials to ensure every lesson is both fascinating and educational. Our professional staff members are dedicated to their craft and our students, allowing them to strive to find personal approaches for each child that explores and compliments their individual personality and grows their needs.

We provide an abundance of programs to fit you and your child’s needs:

  • After School Program
  • Mom and Toddler Program
  • Pre-School Program
  • Weekend Programs
  • Camps

Likewise, we put prominence on teaching children to read, write and speak various languages including English, French and Russian. Our classes also include important subjects like science, math, history, literature, geography and culture.

Invest in your child’s development at Sunrise Center. We will make sure that your child grows up to be bright, smart and the best they can be. You can register your child today at, or contact us at 647-530-1520.