ADNA Contracting

Are you aware of the dangers potentially breeding in your home? Don’t worry, you can protect you and your family by contacting ADNA Contracting. We are your trusted, expert professionals in the removal of mold, asbestos and other poisonous materials lurking in both residential and commercial buildings.

ADNA Contracting provides safely controlled and effective management of hazardous material under Ontario’s Construction, Demolition and Safety Regulations. Our commitment to you is that we offer convenient timelines, that way your day-t0-day life is without disturbance. Our team is expertly trained and certified to take care of large jobs and successfully treat them efficiently and safely. From the moment we set up, to the stages of removal and disposal, we do our best to aid you.

We offer an array of services to help best suit your needs:

  • Asbestos Removal Toronto
  • Mold Removing Toronto
  • Spray Fireproofing Toronto
  • Asbestos Removal Mississauga
  • Mold Removing Mississauga

We care about our clients and want to give them the best services offered in Toronto. For a free estimate contact us today at 416-618-7534, or visit our website here

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