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Please read the following (including our advertising guidelines) for better understanding of how things work:

8000 toronto mommies advertise with us

Advertising ORDER FORM

1. Toronto Mommies Business Directory – a list of approved businesses from our community. There is a small yearly fee to join this directory. The big benefit of joining it is not only the daily traffic to the directory but also the fact that we recommend out own and it can’t hurt your Search Engine Optimization either!

Each new listing gets free promo in the group, so it is basically the cheapest way to advertise with us.

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2. Toronto Mommies Facebook Promo – get featured on our page and in our groups and receive at least 1,000 views for your ad or your money back. Great way to advertise your business to our crowd.

3. Blog advertising – feature your article or event with us for a small fee and keep the info on our blog forever to use for your future promotions. We can even write the article for you and link to your website. Great option for people to get to know you better.

4. Email Newsletter – our newsletter goes our 1-2/month will a copy of our magazine and important info to almost 3,000 subscribers. First of all, sign up for it here and second, you can have your ad featured in our newsletter with a link to your website or facebook page.

5. Mamochka Magazine Advertising – Interested in Russian speaking crowd beyond our group? No problem! We can feature your ad in our monthly Russian speaking online and print magazine.

6. Invite people to like your Facebook page – We will invite between 250 to 3,000 local people to like your page. Much more cost effective than paying Facebooks for likes (if done right).

* All of our advertisers get a detailed screen shots with the number of views, click, likes, comments and shares to their ad so that the service they get is even more awesome. 

Heard enough? Wanna join our advertisers list? Contact us @ or Facebook Alisa Fulshtinsky

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1. what are my advertising options?

Look up, it is all there.

2. what are your advertising prices?

Please contact us for a price list.

3. what info do you need for advertising?

First, we need to issue an invoice and then we upload your listing after it is done. Please contact us with business name, business address and email address.

4. what are the payment options?

PayPal, e-mail transfer, credit card.

5. how can I make a high impact ad?

Focus on one single message, select a horizontal high impact photo or illustration.

6. I paid my invoice, now what?

Please email us your company description, profile photo/photo gallery, and/or what you want your ad to say.

7. When will my listing/ad be uploaded?

Within 2-5 business days, depending on backlog.

8. How often do you send newsletters?

We usually send 1-2 newsletters/month. More if we have upcoming events.

How will i know how many people saw my ad?

We will send you a screen shot of your statistics.

9. Can I repeat my ad? how often?

Yes you may, not more than twice a month.

Free Options:

1. Every business can advertise by making a free post in Toronto Mommies Facebook Group on the first BUSINESS DAY of the month. That includes: recommendations of other businesses, reviews, raffles and etc.

FAQ: what is the first business day of the month?

The first business day of the month is the first day that is NOT Saturday, Sunday or a holiday. For more info about the next advertising day please email or ask in the group.

2Post for free in our Toronto Mommies Business Networking Group. Please make sure to adhere to the posting rules in the about section of the group.