2nd Toronto Mommies Networking Meeting was a success!

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The Toronto Mommies Group and Toronto Mommies Networking Group members met on October 15, 2013 for their second Women-only Networking Meeting
The event was carefully planned for the busy mommies that not only hold a full-time position as mothers, but also partake in the business world. Some are entrepreneurs themselves and some work in an other career path, but building strong networking connections is equally important for all and, as such, this event was a fantastic opportunity to both see and be seen.
The Holistic Health Clinic generously provided the venue for the Networking Meeting and all the mommies were treated to coffee and treats by the organizers. During the evening, every mother had an equal amount of time to present her unique business and answer any questions held by the audience. Some even had a chance to present their husband’s businesses as well.
The following is a list of all the participants that took part in the second Toronto Mommies Networking Group meeting:
Svetlana Antonyshyn owner of Holistic Health Clinic
Maria Petrov designer at Maria P Jewellery and Toronto Mommies Admin
Ella Korotkin Law Clerk at Unger Law and designer at All That Glitters
Alexandra Sasha Guralnik Insurance Broker
Lauren Starr-Millman Certified Life Coach at Lauren Millman Coaching
Marina Vashkevich – owner of MedVSpa
Ana Neshmonina Pascos photographer at Ana Pascos Photography
Maria Kotenko – Instructor at Intuitive Art Workshop & Traditional Drawing Techniques 647-294-6565
Tanya GeorgeAtlant Construction and Alex The Painter Man
Snejana Brejneva – owner of WECARE4U 
Geliya Vertlib owner at Excellent Cakes
Alisa FulshtinskyReal Estate Salesperson and Creator of Toronto Mommies
Each and every one of the above mothers holds a unique set of skills and knowledge and it is of extreme importance to get the word out about our talents in order to prevent mothers from being overlooked as entrepreneurs TALENT MANAGEMENT, as workers and as pioneers.
It has been said that one can change careers, change husbands and change friends, but the networking connections always stay. By learning about others and getting the word out about ourselves – we as mothers, as workers, as entrepreneurs are able to succeed beyond our own expectations!
Please keep our business moms in mind next time somebody asks you to recommend a service provider to them.
We would, once again, like to thank every mommy that attended our second Toronto Mommies Networking Facebook Group meeting and we hope that it was both informative and enlightening. We look forward to seeing you next time.
Toronto Mommies Networking group for women
If you are a business owner with a room that will hold 20+ mommies and you would like to host a Toronto Mommies Networking Meeting, please contact Alisa Fulshtinsky by email torontomommies@gmail.com or call 416-841-0032
About the author:
Maria Petrova is the the owner of Maria P. Jewellery and and active member ot Toronto Mommies group. You can find Maria on her Facebook Page and her Website

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