Newborn Lessons Learned


This post is about a little girl called Vlada that entered my life six weeks ago. In this special post, I will be writing how my life has changed since I became a mother, specifically about things that my newborn taught me about everyday life. The funny thing is, it was only after almost six weeks that I realized how much my life had changed.

  1. A few days after Vlada was born, my husband and I noticed that her nightly sleeping pattern was more or less the same. And I thought: GREAT. If the night is predictable, the day should be too, right? And I arduously started the process of recording her day feeding schedule. Feeding after feeding. Day after day. And I realized something: If the schedule is predictable, why is every day’s feeding different? And then I realized exactly why that is: THERE IS NO SCHEDULE!!! Just because one day I have the ability to take a shower at 9 a.m. does not mean that I will have the ability to have that luxury the next day. I may be taking that nice, relaxing morning shower in, let’s say, early afternoon. At, let’s say, 12 p.m.
  2. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to whisper for at least 12 hours a day and then hear someone use regular voice? I have, and I can tell you that it sound as if the person is SCREAMING!!! And then to realize that that’s how you used to talk ALL THE TIME before the baby was born? To me, this realization was SHOCKING!!! Maybe it’s just my newborn, but one extra loud word can be the difference between an extra half hour of sleep or a finished rather an unfinished meal, or as it seems to be the number one thing on my mind, the difference between a relaxing or rushed shower. And, it seems that with this newly developed form of communication, new talents are developed. Like realizing that it’s totally possible to watch a movie on minimal volume. AND understand what’s happening. Why was sound in movies created at all???
  3. WEEKEND. Believe it or not, before my daughter’s birth, I would only write that word in capital letters on several occasions. And not for the mere reason that now, the word WEEKEND is literally associated with the word SLEEP. And let me tell you something, the current association gives the word WEEKEND so much more meaning. Another really good word to go with the word WEEKEND? The word GRANDPARENTS. My absolutely favourite part of Saturday? When Vlada gets taken out of our room by my father to go for an early, extra-long stroll. TALENT MANAGEMENT
  4. Want some cost-cutting advice? After giving birth, the rocking chair can easily have the functions of both a bed and a dinner table! That’s right! Because when your child can feed for countless hours straight and demand food every ten minutes between regular feedings, in all honesty, you’re not going to be just hungry. You’ll be starving. And soon you’ll realize that the rocking chair is just as good of a place to eat as is the dinner table. Also, it’s almost just as comfortable as a bed is to sleep in. Do you know what your favourite piece of furniture going to be soon after your baby is born? The multi-purpose, extra-comfy rocking chair!!!

Despite all the hardships and occasional annoyances, I have to say that being a mother is truly a rewarding experience. The way I feel when my daughter smiles or laughs is indescribable. With every passing day, I see that she is communicating better and I honestly feel that with her, I’m reliving my childhood all over again and that is truly an amazing feeling. Marina Aleinikov is the the owner of Infinity Photographs and an active member ot Toronto Mommies group. You can find Marina on her Blog and her Website

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